West London Ramblers

Hurst Green to Woldingham via Godstone, 12.5 miles

This is a walk created for West London Ramblers

Hurst Green to Woldingham via Godstone, 12.5 miles

This walk is one of a series in memory of Ken Royce. I didn’t ever do this walk with Ken, and it is created from his start point, lunch stop and finish and distance. It covers parts of the Greensands Way and the North Downs Way so involves some hills. You could cut the walk short in Godstone, by taking a bus to Oxted from outside of the Bell Inn.


Hurst Green has trains from Victoria and London Bridge and a train close to 1000 should work for lunch. Buy a return to Hurst Green. Woldingham has a 30minute service to London Victoria, and you can change at East Croydon for London Bridge.

Lunch & Refreshments

Godstone has the Bell Inn, a refurbished, gastro pub with good food and the more down to earth Hare & Hounds. There are also some cafes and a pond on the green for picnics. There is no catering close to Woldingham Station.

Hurst Green Walk

  1. Take the exit from platform 2 (left just before the bridge). Turn right and climb the steps up to the road. At the top, turn right and cross the railway. Carry straight on until a triangular green on the left. In the direction of the footpath sign, walk across the green towards a green bench to the right of some trees. Cross the road and continue to the left hand corner of the green.
  2. Cross the road and turn left, and then shortly right at a footpath sign. You pass a tennis court on the left. Follow the curve of the grass bank to some trees behind the running track. Take a hidden path through and follow the path, a hedge on the right, the running track to your left. Keep following the hedge until you come to a gap where you turn left and cross a stream on a bridge. After the bridge bear left down a stony path.
  3. You come to another bridge which you cross, to come out into a field. Turn right, to follow the path up the right hand edge of the field (this seems to be a diverted route around the field) with a hedge on you right. Eventually on the far side, you come to a stile, which you cross to come onto a road.
  4. Turn left and follow the road. Past a road to the left, the road bends left then right. Past South Cottage, take a footpath to the right next to a metal gate. Follow the path up the left-hand side of the field. Ignore a path to the left and come to a stile with a white direction arrow. Cross the stile and continue in the direction of a distant redbrick house. Leave the field by a stile to the left just before the house garden fence. Follow the path round with a wooden fence on your right. Cross a track and a stile into a field, carrying on in the same direction to a stile into wood opposite.
  5. Follow the path through the wood, with a fence to your left. You come to a green gate and exit onto a road, where you turn right. Just after a telegraph pole, turn left onto a car wide track. Pass Southland Cottage on your left and carry on up a grassy slope to a stile at the right of a fenced off gate. Cross the field going uphill in the same direction towards a stile.
  6. Cross the stile and ignoring a path to your left you soon come to a clear wider path, the Greensand Way. Turn left and follow the GSW. You eventually pass under a bridge and then by a green barn on the right, turn left through an old metal kissing gate. Follow the path half right up the hill. Soon you have a hedge on your right and go through the kissing gate ahead. Go down the road eventually coming to the Barley Mow pub on your right (which has a ramblers bar). At a T junction turn right up the road and then shortly left at a footpath sign.
  7. Follow the obvious path across a wide open field, continuing through a gap in the hedge and onwards up across the next field. You come out onto the busy A22 which you cross with care to continue on the footpath opposite (still the Greensand Way).
  8. The path becomes tarmac and there is a lake to your left. (the paths to the right are shortcuts into Godstone if you are running late). Follow the path soon uphill to a junction with a road, where you turn left following a GSW sign. When the houses on the left end, cross the road to take a footpath to the right. Follow the path uphill through some trees to come out into an open field. Follow the clear path half right across the field. Leaving the field you turn left at a path junction.  Following this path you eventually come to a road which you cross to continue the GSW on the other side. The path continues with a fence on your left and woods to the right. You come to a metal field gate where you turn right and then left to continue on the enclosed path, eventually coming to a road. At the road, turn right, leaving the GSW. Go uphill to a T junction where you cross the road and down a path ahead. You come to a field where you continue towards a redundant stile and on downhill heading to the left of some fenced in trees ahead. Crossing the stile the path is now fenced in. Eventually you come to a tarmac stretch which you follow, keeping left down towards a road.
  9. At the road turn right and as the road bends left take the footpath above it. When the path rejoins the road, continue ahead into Godstone, ignoring a footpath sign to the right. Passing a school on the right, you reach a green where you have a choice for lunch.
  10. Walk up the right-hand side to reach a small pond and benches for sandwiches. At the road turn right for the Bell Inn, a refurbished, up-market pub with good food. Go diagonally across the green to the far left corner for the more down to earth Hare & Hounds. There are also some cafes.
  11. After lunch, take the footpath beside the Hare & Hounds pub. Walk a car-wide track between fence and hedge. Just past a metal field gate, go through a wooden kissing gate on the left and take the path veering  left across the field, entering an enclosed path on the far side. You eventually come out onto a small access road, which you cross to carry straight on. Go through a kissing gate to cross a field in the direction of another kissing gate in the far hedge. Come out onto a narrow lane where you turn right. Now heading uphill towards the M25 go past a training centre going uphill to cross the M25. Take the path to the left, now walking parallel to the M25.
  12. At a path T-junction just before a white house turn right take the path going uphill. At the next junction bear right and continue up the hill. Nearing the top, turn right at a purple arrow and no horse riders sign.
  13. Cross the grass to the far end with lovely views to the right. Enter the trees to follow the ridge, now on the North Downs Way. Ignore a path to the left by a bench. At a cross path keep straight on gently downhill, keeping on the NDW, ignoring paths off. Eventually you come to some steps on the right, which you go down towards a road (A22). Follow path as it bends to the left, to come to a footbridge across the A22. At the other side keep straight on to a T junction where you turn right. Just past a sub-station, turn left, continuing on NDW. Go down some steps to cross an access road and on with the NDW (you could turn left and follow the access road). Go through a car park and at the road turn right along the NDW first along a concrete track and then a path.
  14. You eventually come to a house called South Lodge and an entrance to Woldingham School. Cross the road and take the path uphill to the left signposted NDW. You pass an open space with a bench and then back into the woods. At a fork with a large tree keep right on the NDW. Eventually you reach a lane which you cross to carry on along the NDW. On reaching a lane you go left and take the NDW which now runs uphill alongside to the lane. This path rejoins the lane and you continue uphill to a T-junction where we leave the NDW.
  15. Turn to the left and cross the road to enter Marden Park. Take a broad path to the right initially alongside the road. At a path junction bear left following a green Woldingham Country Walk sign. At a junction with a red top walk mark post, bear left following the WCW sign. Ignore a path to the right by a bench and carry on along a broad path downhill. You reach a kissing gate to come out into an open space. Follow the clear path following the edge of the wood, heading downhill towards Woldingham School and a stile in the far lower corner. Come out onto a lane following a path ahead signposted Woldingham Station.
  16. You are now on a dirt track between hedges keeping uphill and to the left. The path levels off and eventually becomes a lane through farm buildings. Bear right with the lane to cross the railway and then left to walk down to the station.
Monday, July 23, 2018