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The Capital Ring

The Capital Ring

This is a 78 mile circular walk around inner London cleverly linking paths along the banks of rivers and canals and through parks and green spaces so that it is often difficult to believe that one is still in the city. It is also a wonderful opportunity to gain a better appreciation of the geography of London and the different cultural and physical characteristics of its neighbourhoods.

It is very well-served by public transport and all the stations fall within the Oyster or Freedom Pass zones. Generally paths are good and the walking fairly easy so anyone reasonably fit should be able to undertake the walks without difficulty, and it is usually possible to drop out at a convenient point if you want.

We decided to start near our West London ‘home’ (Greenford) in October 2016 and then move clockwise round the city with a walk on the first Wednesday of each month. The final walk will be in September 2017 from Richmond back to Greenford. We have broken it up into slightly different sections from those given in the book and on the TFL web-site so that all the walks are approximately 5.5 to 8 miles. Full details are given in the programme and anyone is welcome to join us for just the occasional walk or undertake the challenge of completing all the stages of the Capital Ring. You can download a certificate if you do so from the TFL web-site!

Walks in 2017

4th January Highgate to Stoke Newington 5.6 miles
1st February Stoke Newington to West Ham 6.0 miles
1st March  West Ham to Woolwich  7.5 miles
5th April Woolwich to Falconwood  7.4 miles
3rd May Falconwood to Ravensbourne 7.0 miles
7th June Ravensbourne to Crystal Palace 5.5 miles
5th July Chrystal Palace to Earlsfield 8.0 miles
2nd August Earlsfield to Richmond 8.0 miles
6th September Richmond to Greenford 9.0 miles

For further information see:

The Capital Ring by Colin Saunders, Aurum Press

TFL web-site https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/walking/capital-ring

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