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Chiswick circular walk – 4 miles

Chiswick circular walk – 4 miles.

Chiswick station – Chiswick marina – Chiswick Bridge – Dukes Meadows – St Nicholas Church & Hogarth’s tomb/ Church Street – Fuller’s Brewery/Chiswick Mall – Chiswick Park House & Gardens – Chiswick station.

Route: Leisurely and pleasant mainly through open spaces along by the River Thames with a pleasant stroll through Chiswick House grounds.

Local amenities: Shops/café/pub near Chiswick station; pubs near Church Street & Fuller’s Brewery; café/toilets in Chiswick Park.

Points of Interest: Chiswick marina; River Thames/Dukes Meadows; Chiswick Mall; Fuller’s Brewery; St Nicholas Church & Hogarth’s tomb; Chiswick House & gardens; V2 Memorial.

Transport: Trains to Chiswick station – no toilets at the station but over the footbridge to the right is a café and pub; Local buses.

Start the walk from Chiswick station

Chiswick circular walk Directions

Monday, December 17, 2018