West London Ramblers

Ravenscourt Park circular Walk – 3.5 miles

Ravenscourt Park circular Walk – 3.5 miles.

Ravenscourt Park – St Peters – British Grove – Chiswick Brewery – St Nicholas Church – Chiswick Mall – Upper Mall – William Morris – The Dove – Friends Meeting House – Ravenscourt Park. Extension to Hammersmith


Easy – mainly quiet roads, paved paths, open spaces and parks

Local Amenities:

Toilets – Ravenscourt Park; Refreshments – café in Ravenscourt Park and other places on the route; Pubs on route; Shops and cafes on route

Points of interest:

Ravenscourt Park; St Peter’s Church and square and nearby roads; Chiswick Brewery; St. Nicholas Church & Hogarth’s tomb; houses and buildings on Church Street, Chiswick Mall and other streets; old pub; views


Regular train service plus buses at nearby King Street and other points on the walk


Ravenscourt Park Circular Directions

Monday, December 17, 2018